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Jewelry at work ! this is a SPECIAL RECOMMENDATION from me to my loyal readers <3
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     When it comes to trying to figure out how we can spruce up an outfit without actually having to go home and change entirely, our first thought is always to the jewelry we are wearing. When you are going to work, you want to wear one or two pieces that will really set you apart and even help your figure look better, but when you're going out, you want something with a little more flair. A favorite way to accessorize during day and night is cubic zirconium earrings. Cubic zirconium earrings look like they are diamond earrings, or in some cases they look like other precious gemstones, but are much more affordable.  
For example, a simple pair of stud cubic zirconium earrings will easily make you look classy and professional at your workplace, without drawing too much attention to your jewelry. After all, most professions prefer a simple, neutral and professional look, but that doesn't mean you have to be drab or totally boring. If you wear a pair of cubic zirconium earrings and a matching long necklace that slims your figure, you'll look and feel better while feeling like you didn't overdo anything. 
So why earrings? Earrings are one of the best ways to accentuate your face and steer attention away from your stomach, chest or shoulders. If you are self-conscious about any of those areas, a good pair of cubic zirconium earrings will have just the right level of flash and sparkle to get the attention on your gorgeous eyes and less on your shoulders or less than ideal aspects of your body. What is especially liked about cubic zirconium earrings, as opposed to simple silver studs or hoops, is that they are attention-getters. They will always be able to bring the focus where you want them and add just enough elegance to make them professional without seeming flashy or gaudy. 
This brings us to the next point, when the work atmosphere is gone and has become the evening, a time for a romantic dinner or movie, and when you may not want to change your entire ensemble just before you have to be there. Many of us stay at work until 5 or 6 PM, giving you no time to go change into a whole other outfit before dinner. This is where having jewelry to go along with your cubic zirconium earrings can be a lifesaver. The trick to jazzing up your outfit is going from one or two simple additions to adding a few more to make it a full ensemble. If you already have earrings and a necklace, then get a bracelet of matching metal and maybe an extra ring or two. If you have cubic zirconium earrings that are studs, try going to more dangling ones that will really show off your free spirit a little more.  
Picking accessories doesn't have to be a chore, and you don't have to change out of your work outfit to look good. All it takes is the right items, and you'll be looking fine. :)
after the article above, i'll share what i wore yesterday to attend my fashion presentation class.. you can see the blue color wdominating my outfit..yeah maybe it's because feeling so blue and bored by having 5 hour class !! aaarghhh . .

neu look outerwear, ZARA t-shirt, unbranded tights, ZARA belt, balenciaga midday bag, see by chloe wedges 

random accessories ( river island & f21)

unbranded ribbon ring 

 SEE by Chloe wedges
 Thank you michelle :) i love this wedges shoot! 

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  1. Cubic Zirconia is fabulous... this is one stone I'm not scared to wear because it's not as pricey as diamond yet it looks almost the same.

    I agree with the accessorizing to transform your day outfit to night wear. I love your bag and your wedges are awesome. xoxo

  2. aduhh itu wedgesnyaaaaa mau mau mauu!! hihihi
    ribbon ringny jg lucu bgttttt
    stujuuu :D acc emg ngaruh bgt
    tapi klo anting ny panjang" pk lama" sakit sih. hihi

    XD nathalie

  3. yeepp.. agree with what you said. accessories are needed to perfect your look.

    love the wedges yu! and the ribbon ring is cute as well. =))

    hugs and kisses,
    Fashion Fantasy Land

  4. c ayuu!!! itu wedgesnya cakep banget!

    the whole look shows that how much you love bluee :D

    great post :D

  5. OMG,ayuu wedgesnya beneran deh bagus.gw paling suka model wedges,yup and thats true you outfit its so blue,but love it :)kemarin juga mau ngajak kamu ayu cm bingung kstw lewat mana,.hehe.

  6. CuTe CuTe..
    LOVe iT..


  7. beib! awww, your wedges totally caught my attention! madly love the pattern on the shoes. perfect outfit to with the shoes! i miss you heaps ayu!

  8. wow, you really have a good taste of choosing a shoes. Your wedges is cool


  9. loving the bag!!!!!!! really nice colour!

    xoxo jenna

  10. accesories are like cherry on top of ice cream, makes it perfect :)
    love your wedges :))

    oxox, djhanq
    tattoo freak

  11. ahh amazing:), love your bag and wedges to pieces!


  12. tha balenciaga bag in blu eletric is really awesome!! love it!


  13. foto yg ada cigarettenya bgus bgt gila gw suka bgt!!! artsy bgt. siapa yg fotoin tuh yu? pke tripod?

  14. aloo dear iii i love your ribbon ring *gw punya mirip kayak gitu cuma warna item* hehehe
    aduu ngiler banget sama balen kamu dear :D

  15. That's a gorgeous pair of wedges perfecto for summer!

  16. Great post! I love the jewelry and the shoes!


  17. Beautiful photos, girl, your stunning!
    Oh, and thanks for the sweet comment, It made me smile :)
    Panda xx

  18. i love the bow ring! and great colour combination for your outfit- love the belted shirt! xx

  19. Oh gosh the detailing on them Chloe wedges are utterly gorgeous.

  20. I love your shoes!!!!


  21. wow love the shoes! are amazing!

  22. ah! love the shoes and that ring is amazing


  23. even though it's all blue, it looks so comfortable. and that bag is absolutely delicious.

  24. The wedges, I like =)
    Thanks for stopping by.

    With cookies & Chips,

  25. Nice Accessories. But missing jewelries hoping you will be there with some collection of jewelries.
    Diamond Wholesalers

  26. Love your bag and wedges! hehehe. and yes, the last picture is very nice. =)

  27. suka cincinnyaaaaa lucu.
    wedges nya juga, <3 bgt

  28. nice shoes i like your ring its cool

  29. your ring and shoes are beautiful, love it

  30. Cuuuuute outfit! I'm not very good at drawing people unfortunately, but I can always have a go sometime. Cute post. xxx

  31. I am diggin' the wedges and the bag. perfect!!! you look great. I want that ring too!! everything is love.


  32. aw really loves your wedges pattern!
    damn its cool!
    btw, check my new post ;)

    xoxo, bee ♥

  33. love you'r ribbon ring and you'r wedges ci !
    they're so cute :)

  34. OMG! That Balenciaga purse has the most beautiful blue color I've ever seen! Love it!

  35. Looks like you had the blues! I love it though, all of it! I really need to add more blues in my closet:)


  36. WOW!!! Loved the wedges so MUCH!!!!
    You look so CHIC!!!!

  37. I loooooove your wedges an the ring :) i also like the color comb.


  38. What a cute outfit! I adore that bow ring and those wedges are FAB!! xoxo