let's have some FUN!

Unbranded leather jacket, and Zara bombshell glitter dress

fishnet stocking

see how the glitters perfectly spread it out

i just got it at on pedder
i forgot what the brand called it's sound so complicated & hard to spell even pronounce it

Burberry Bag 

Sergio Rossi straps heel

jessica and me

jessica shoes 
i adore this zara ankle boot, btw I have in gray color :)
Look carefully it is match with my leather jacket

es campur medan - food kulture 

 shrimp and pork tenderloin - dinner @ katsusei 

have a nice weekend all :)
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  1. Hey sweetie, thank you for the lovely comment you left on my blog! You're looking so stylish with your pixie blonde hair and gorgeous outfit!! Am following your blog now:)


  2. Hi pretty, thank you very much for the comment and follow!! :D Btw, i love ur stam bag too, with the pink color. hihi.. ;p
    g tinggal di janur elok bokk. tau gak? g tau dunk BGV. orang deket bgt.. hahaha.
    loe udh kul yah beb?:) I love ur Sergio Rossi shoes!! gorgeous. :D

  3. ur friend's boots really is kewl :)
    so does ur dress and bag
    trying to follow u,
    but my internet is way too slow :)
    link u :)

    hit me back
    tattoo freak

  4. hei dear! thx 4 dropping by yaa. :)
    did you went to pi / gi today? i just got back from there. hehe.
    waa maybe we did seeing each other sometime, so you're familiar w/ me. hehehe. :D)
    waa the bangles! is that kenneth jay lane?
    im gonna follow you, my dear!
    please follow my blog if you like it too. ;)

  5. heyy i loveeee your bracelet and ring...
    i want them so muchhhhhh...
    btw i've linked you on my blog...
    thx for ur comment...
    u're rock..


  6. ayuuuuuuu..I don't know that you have a blog now!! I find your blog from blogwalking!! yeayyy!! welcome to the blogging world ;)..hihihi

    you look great on that dress!! I miss youuu :) :)

  7. Yummm I adore japanese food and the tempura looks sooo good!

    Love the zara dress!

  8. you're adorable, i loveeee your hair!

    xx raez

  9. killer heels and love that bracelet!!

    thanks for the link..i'll be sure to link yours in return :)

    eclectic du jour

  10. Luv ur outfit and jewelry!! Very chic! Hope u had a good wknd xx

  11. thankyou for your sweet comment dear! hehehe
    ooo. iyaiya. hehe. ;p
    im waiting for your next post yaa. hehehehe.

    please follow my blog if you like it, :)

  12. i like you blog soo much :D
    follow me back

  13. wah wah wah makan2 trus ktemu si itu yahhh..haha
    makanay lain kali makan2 ajak gw.. dijamin nga bakal ada unfortunate events . hahahah

    kangen dh ama kamuu !!
    btw gw pake fishnets jg hari ini !

    thanks soo much for dropping by at my blog :D
    hope you'll check out my new post up now :D

    love . michelle @ GLISTERS&BLISTERS