On The Day Before Today

DIY zara dress (one shoulder and ripped ) :)

DIY zara dress, dress queen sheers outerwear, christian louboutin lady claud phyton acid shoes

fade tatto- indian sanskrit tatto means karma
 vanjures watch, badgely mischka ribbon cuff, moselle prince frog ring 

MARC JACOBS stam bag 

introducing my lovely "boyfriend" barry winston

suyaka gautama he's majoring mandarin language 

Chicken and turkey bacon club 

Triple layers sandwich! perfect meal to collapse your Diet program !! 

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thx all 

7 komentar:

  1. What a lovely post!! Hope u have a good wknd xx

  2. You are so adorable! Love your hair.

  3. I like your purse! It's cute :)


  4. Wow your dress is lovely ! Love it ! Nice accessories :) So cute with your bf ! Haha . Have a nice weekend !

  5. G tinggal di gading, di deket sportmal situu. emg loe di gading juga?? hehehe love your accessories so much! cute pics with your bf dear :) thx for following me back. let's keep in touch! xoxo :)

  6. oh and btw, sorry, have u followed my blog? bcos I didn't see you as my followers list. hehe. thx before! :)

  7. hhahaha. mampus loe dibilangin 'so cute with ur bf' . hhahhahah..

    biarin biar lu tamba gendut makan itu sandwhich :P